Jon Reynera

Mad Lollipop | Senior Artist

A tattoo artist for over 15 years, Jonathan first got bit by the tattoo bug when he’d watch his brother do street-side tattoos for friends. One day, his brother handed him a jerry-rigged tattoo machine made from a pen, toy dynamo and a guitar string, and the rest, as they say, is history.   Originally from La Union, the surf capital of the Philippines, Jonathan considers his style a mix of realistic and avant garde, and counts Jeff Gogue as a major influence. A true nature buff who loves cycling in his spare time, Jonathan considers his ability to relate to clients’ happiness after they get a tattoo as one of his favorite things about being a tattoo artist.

World Compass Tattoo
Minimalist Tattoo
Face Tattoo
Elephant Tattoo
Ankle Tattoo
Back Tattoo
Viet inspired tattoo
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